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Apply for Volkswagen Financing Online

If you are interested in expediting the vehicle financing process, you can apply for Volkswagen financing online from the comfort of your home. Our online car financing application is secure and easy to use, so you can begin the process before visiting us in person to explore our inventory. There are many benefits of online financing, including that you will be able to spend less time at the dealership. Get started today and drive home in the Volkswagen of your dreams in no time!

Lease vs. Finance

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, you may be wondering about the benefits of a lease vs. finance options. The finance method you choose is ultimately up to you, and one option may be a better fit for your driving needs and budget. Compare the pros and cons of a lease vs. finance below.

  • When you lease, you will usually have lower monthly payments.
  • With financing, you are not limited by mileage restrictions, and you will not be charged for excess wear and tear on your car.
  • While your vehicle is under lease, it is protected by warranty.
  • Financing allows you to modify your vehicle. You are free to change the color, upgrade the sound system, and more.
  • When you lease, you do not have to deal with the hassle of selling the car when it is time for something new. You can also drive a new car more often.
  • With financing, because you are not limited by the terms of a lease, you can sell the car at any time.

Contact Alexandria Volkswagen for More Information

If you have questions about how to apply for Volkswagen financing online or how to use our online car financing application, do not hesitate to ask the team at Alexandria Volkswagen. We would be more than happy to tell you about the benefits of online financing.