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What Are the Volkswagen AWD Models?

Does your family need a safe new vehicle for Arlington drives? Investing in one of our Volkswagen all-wheel-drive (AWD) models can make every journey safer, even on dry pavement when you need to navigate twists or turns or need to make a sudden evasive maneuver.

Let us introduce you to 4MOTION® AWD. It’s the Volkswagen AWD system that helps your vehicle get the most out of its handling. It’s perfect for the traffic coming out of DC and when the snow hits in the winter or the spring rains come. This version of Volkswagen AWD uses sophisticated computer controls and sensors to manage every curve, acceleration, and braking motion to make sure your vehicle handles as expected.

What VW AWD Models Are Available for 2024?

There is a wide range of VW AWD models, available on our lot near Springfield, that use the 4MOTION® AWD system, the most advanced and capable Volkswagen all-wheel-drive powertrain ever created. You’ll even find this system on electric vehicles!

See our list of VW AWD models for 2024 here:

How Does Volkswagen 4MOTION® AWD Work?

This Volkswagen AWD system is always on. It automatically adjusts the power to the different wheels for better traction on Washington DC roads. While all tires are engaged properly on dry pavement, the system will distribute about 90 percent of power to the front axle and about 10 percent to the rear axle. It can even utilize your driving style to help decide what tires should get the most power for traction.

Volkswagen 4MOTION® AWD is a more efficient version of ordinary AWD. It detects which tires need more power based on which ones have the most traction at any given time. Perhaps surprisingly, VW AWD models with 4MOTION® also help you save on gasoline. The system automatically reverts to either FWD or RWD during normal conditions.


Test-Drive One of Our VW AWD Models at Alexandria Volkswagen

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